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Executive Education

at Saïd Business School

Executive Education at Saïd Business School

Lead. With Purpose.

Executive Education

at Saïd Business School


Our programmes: 2017/18

Leadership programmes

These programmes are designed to equip you with the insight and techniques to tackle the complexities of leadership today, combining Oxford University insight with cutting-edge professional practice. Find out more about our programmes here.


Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme
(8-28 October 2017 - 3-23 June 2018)

A transformational 21-day programme for leaders who want to rewrite the science of innovative business models and prepare their organisations for success.

Oxford Executive MBA
(September/January each year)

A modular MBA designed to help senior professionals realise their potential whilst delivering international general management competence to their organisations.

Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme
(19-24 November 2017 - 20-25 May 2018)

A personalised experience for senior executives; the flexibility offered through plenary sessions, tutorials, experiences and personal study allows you to focus on your own learning agenda.

Oxford High Performance Leadership Programme
(12-17 November 2017 - 13-18 May 2018)

A highly personal programme using psychometric profiling, 360-degree evaluation and professional coaching, along with speaker sessions and debate.

Women Transforming Leadership Programme
(2-6 October 2017)

A programme of powerful experiential techniques to identify and navigate organisational challenges or bias, and build strengths in female leadership.

Global Challenges in Transport: Oxford Leadership Programme Series

The Global Challenges in Transport Programmes utilise the latest research evidence to provide the leaders of tomorrow with the necessary knowledge and expertise to address the complexity of issues associated with making transport sustainable.

Infrastructure, Development and Finance
(5-8 September 2017)

Explore the relationships between transport systems, infrastructure, investment and economic development within developed and developing countries.

New Technologies and Changing Behaviours
(March 2018)

Examine the evolution and uptake of contemporary mobility systems. Individual sessions explore emerging contemporary mobility cultures in different global regions, diffusion and new perspectives on the role of technology in changing behaviours and energy reduction, and the sociocultural dynamics of behaviour change.

Governance, Policy and Delivery
(26-29 June 2018)

Explore the role of different actors, organisations and institutions in the creation, management and evolution of transport systems in various global contexts.

Health, Wellbeing and Urban Mobility
(5-8 December 2017)

This programme concentrates on the relationships between urban form and design, mobility practices, and physical and mental wellbeing.

Finance programmes

Saïd Business School is a powerhouse of financial expertise. Our faculty conduct world-class research and regularly advise corporations, public bodies and governments.

finance programme

Oxford Impact Investing Programme
(16-20 April 2018)

This programme informs, inspires, and equips professionals from foundations, finance firms and social enterprises with the skills to deliver high-impact social investments.

Oxford Private Equity Programme
(25-29 June 2018)

This programme will give you a deep understanding of the private equity industry and its ongoing role in the global corporate and financial landscape.

Oxford Chicago Valuation Programme
(11-15 June 2018)

We have joined forces with Chicago Booth School of Business to deliver this advanced programme, which goes beyond theory to discuss how values are reached in real-world transactions and scenarios.

Oxford Real Estate Programme
(16-20 April 2018)

An opportunity to design and refine real estate investment strategies with Oxford researchers, global industry leaders and professional peers from around the world.

Oxford Social Finance Programme
(November 2017)

This new programme enables individuals and organisations to develop scalable action plans to tackle the world's toughest challenges.

Diploma programmes

Our postgraduate Diplomas are delivered in a modular format, providing senior managers with world-leading professional development and a prestigious qualification while continuing in their careers.

diploma programme

Oxford Diploma in Financial Strategy
(January 2018)

Develop expertise in strategy, finance and corporate valuation. This Diploma will provide you with the financial acumen of an investment banker, the strategy techniques of a consultant and the business knowledge of a finance director.

Oxford Diploma in Global Business
(March 2018)

This diploma covers global strategy, the management of internal and external risks, corporate diplomacy and reputation, and the challenges of business in emerging economies.

Oxford Diploma in Organisational Leadership
(February 2018)

Covering strategic management, organisational development and design, and leadership, this programme enables you to gain a deeper understanding of how to lead and manage people and organisations for competitive advantage.

Oxford Diploma in Strategy and Innovation
(January 2018)

Over four modules you will cover strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, international business, and strategy execution, enabling you to take effective strategic decisions and innovate for competitive advantage.

Strategy, risk and reputation programmes

Our Strategy, Risk and Reputation programme portfolio enables executives and leaders to enhance their strategic insight and navigate the complexities of business.

executive programmes

Oxford Programme on Negotiation
(24–29 September 2017 - 17-22 June 2018)

This programme develops the five key skills of a negotiator’s toolkit: information gathering; rational decision-making; persuasion; innovation; and implementation.

Oxford Strategic Marketing Programme
(14-18 May 2018)

‘Offine’ and ‘online’ are converging and we are entering a ‘post-digital’ age where ‘digital marketing’ is just ‘marketing’. Apply your learning from this programme to your particular marketing challenges.

Corporate Reputation and Executive Leadership Programme
(10-13 June 2018)

An exclusive experience designed to equip senior executives with a deep understanding of the importance of reputation – an organisation’s most valuable and least tangible asset.

Oxford MSc in Major Programme Management
(October each year)

This part-time MSc equips managers with the knowledge and skills required to address critical issues in the management of large-scale, complex and transformational projects.

Oxford Scenarios Programme
(2–6 October 2017 - 23-27 April 2018)

Scenario planning invites you to consider multiple futures and test and improve the robustness and effectiveness of your organisational strategy.

Consulting and Coaching for Change
(December each year)

An executive specialist master’s programme delivered in partnership with HEC Paris, this programme helps change agents to effect successful organisational transformation.

Corporate Affairs Academy
(3-4 October 2017 - 17–22 April 2018)

This programme helps Corporate Affairs Directors to keep reputation at the top of their company’s agenda. This is an opportunity to connect with the latest academic research in the field and share experiences and ideas.

Custom Executive Education


Custom interventions are commissioned by organisations in response to a number of different triggers.

Our corporate education solutions are designed to create critical mass of capability within an organisation to effect change. Our clients and future clients are seeking a partner who can work with them at scale, over distributed locations around the world, and who can help them meet the challenges of emergent “big questions” and issues that they are confronting around digitisation, networked economies, global leadership, purpose, values and ethics, transparency, and adaptive challenges.

To deliver to these needs requires not only the right content, but agile and responsive learning designs and processes that deliver value to our clients, and which will have impact at the level of their organisational system and broader “ecosystem”. Our solutions comprise an increasingly diverse set of capabilities – expertise, provocation, research-based insight – but also effective and engaging pedagogy, virtual and blended delivery, and architectures that can support transformational change.


The world is on the cusp of great change in the way that companies must be run. With corporate practice too often diverging from regulatory frameworks and the public’s values, the time has come for a new kind of business leader…



Saïd Business School has had a stellar year, ranking highly in all the major world rankings for executive education and maintaining its number one position in the UK for open programmes…